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I'd like to share with you Our Story...

About Alison Minnick Music

Is Yoga Studio
Owned by Chae and John Bullock, this yoga studio offers study beyond the surface.  With a deep sense of community and a cozy space, students are encouraged to deepen not only their physical practice, but their inner focus, as well.  With a emphasis on healthy alignment, the studio offers a variety of classes for all levels.  Click here to view their site.

Melissa Hassey Photography

​Area wedding/event photographer that enjoys telling stories with her photographs.  Always ready to play with unique ideas to create truly one-of-a-kind shots that are beautiful, bright and filled with the emotion of the moment.  Click here to see her work.

Danette Pascarella Photography 

Philly wedding/event photographer with incredible talent for fun, creative and artistic photos.  Not your normal wedding photographer, she captures shots that are truly unique and beautiful, and makes you laugh while doing it! Click here to view her work.

Some Of My Favorites

Void Vision - violinist for Shari Wallin, an area electronic/coldwave artist.


Edison - violinist in area indie rock band.


The Bleeding Hearts - violinist and vocalist in local country band..

Mr. B Natural - violinist in local jazz ensemble.

HbDbW - violinist and vocalist in area indie/psych-rock band.

Past pursuits - Gemini Wolf, Box Five, Steve Goldberg and the Archenemies, Women Who Tan Well

I began Alison Minnick Music after 14 years of performing in various ensembles for weddings and related events.  Over the years, I've had the pleasure and privilege of playing with several talented area musicians, and subsequently, friends.  It seemed only natural to form a collective where this talent could be easily utilized to bring clients music that's delivered with class and fun.  All the musicians involved in this community bring the utmost professionalism, discipline and passion to their craft.  

Photo Credit: Danette Pascarella Photography

Helping people through music is my greatest passion

​In addition to being a musician, I am also an area yoga instructor at Is Yoga Studio in Fishtown, Philadelphia.  I am also enrolled in the  graduate program in music therapy at Drexel University.  It is my hope to marry my passions for music therapy and yoga to design treatment programs for patients.  In a previous life, I was a scientist in the neuroscience department of an area pharmaceutical company, but decided to leave to find my true path.  Making people smile with music brings me the deepest joy.

​Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lennox


Lovesick, Inc.

Incredible duo that not only spins a rad party, but they'll capture it on film, too!  Not only do they provide a soundtrack to your reception that we absolutely have everyone on the dance floor the whole night, but they provide you with an incredible mini-movie of your special day.  No doubt about it, these guys are hip, so if you are the non-traditional bride, you best hit them up here.

Lora Reehling Photography

Philly wedding/event photographer with loads of spunk and talent.  Lora approaches her work with a fun, vibrant energy, which shows in her photos and makes for wonderful memories as you look back at pics of your special day.  Click here to see her work.